Direct Access Membership

Urgent care centers and emergency rooms can run in to the thousands of dollars. In most cases, the situation isn't life-threatening but it is an interruption to your daily life and can be handled over the phone on the weekend, in the evening hours or via Skype or Facetime, or with a home visit if necessary. Direct access membership is a special service that gets you access to healthcare above and beyond normal business hours.

For an annual fee of $249 for first family member and $149 for each additional family member, you will have a dedicated after hours phone line that routes directly to Dr. Broadhead, as well as her personal email address to consult with her outside normal business hours.  

Normal billing for all services, including: consultation, treatment, procedures, labs and imaging still applies.  In some cases, your condition may only be treated by the appropriate emergency room visit.

Some of the issues that are addressed after hours:

Urinary tract infection

Minor laceration

Upper respiratory infection

Prescription refills (controlled substances excluded)


Strep throat

Ear infections

Asthma or allergies that are particularly active


Staph infections





Pink Eye

Abdominal pain