Genetically-driven Medical Weight Loss

There is nothing more frustrating than dieting and exercising without results!  Stop fighting an uphill battle. At Sa Santé, we offer a genetically guided weight loss program that integrates your unique genetic profile to better understand your metabolism, how you process nutrients, and your individual matching diet type. 

But, diet isn't the only factor when it comes to losing and maintaining a healthy weight. Our exercise plans are created to match how your body utilizes energy and how it responds to certain foods -- the way these are combined are not the same for everyone.  

It is important to find out what works best for you so that you can be assured that all of your effort will yield the maximum results!

We have a multi-faceted approach to weight loss:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Blood work to rule out organic causes that affect your weight loss
  • Thorough health assessment, body measurements, BMI, body composition 
  • Genetic testing to match diet type with metabolism and to discover your vulnerabilities such as:
    • eating behaviors
    • medication response
    • health conditions
    • exercise response
    • genetic risk for lipid disorder
    • genetic risk for vitamin deficiencies
  • Based on your individual needs, our counselor will create a plan for you which includes diet, exercise and follow-up
  • As needed, appetite suppression medications may be prescribed to help you be successful